Ball vs Blocks
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Ball vs Blocks

Ball vs Blocks

THE INSTRUCTIONS Ball vs block is a free game about the war of balls and blocks. The snake is made up of balls. The snake will grow longer when eating other balls along the way. But its adventures are not easy. This is not simple snake game. This is hard snake game. There are walls made of blocks blocking its path. If the ball hits the block it will be destroyed. Endless blocks waiting for it in front because this is endless gameplay. Try to score as hign as you can. HOW TO PLAY – Touch on screen and swipe to left or right to move balls. – Eat the balls on the road to increase snake length. – One ball will destroy a block. – A block you destroy will increase by one point. FEATURES: – Very simple and addictive gameplay – One finger drag controls – Compete with players from all over the world. – Your best score will automatically submitted to leaderboards when gameover Hope you have fun time with this tap game! All game in my store is free. If you want then can download it. 🙂 Play Ball vs block now!

How to Play?

Follow these instructions to play this game. Also, you can find other instructions in-game.
Ball vs block is a free game about the war of balls and blocks

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