Dragon Ball Stickman Z
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Dragon Ball Stickman Z

Dragon Ball Stickman Z

This fighting game will give you a chance to become one of Dragon Ball Z heroes to fight with enemies and protect everybody on earth. Enter into the arena and fight for the survival. If you love playing games then this is the game which will amaze you with the swift handling and amazing features. Fight against the most Dragon Ball Boss. We bet you will enjoy the abundant upgrades for and all your stickman heroes in the best action RPG fighting game. How to play Dragon Ball Stickman Z : Kill bosses (Hitz, Jirenz, Zamasuz, Black Gokuz, piccolo, frieza….) and collect balls FEATURES – Easy and Simple to play – Cool transform effect – Cool skill design and effect – Cool transform Saiyanz – New character. – 200 levels Saiyan and 30 saiyan-jins – Ultra instinct

How to Play?

Follow these instructions to play this game. Also, you can find other instructions in-game.
The game has the most basic control ever you just need to dodge jump power up to launch your combo attacks

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Dragon Ball Stickman Z : Watch Walkthrough

Is it hard to complete the levels of this game? Let`s watch how to play video.