Fall Boys : Stupid Fighters
Fall Boys : Stupid Fighters
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Fall Boys : Stupid Fighters

Fall Boys : Stupid Fighters

Fall Boys 2! Hold it and throw it guys Have fun!

It is a game that makes it very attractive with its cute structure, many different maps and the option to play with friends ..!

The biggest factor that makes this cute is of course the costumes. There are dozens of different costumes, but almost all of them are more beautiful than the other. The variety is really great and you can see different types in every game. They are so cute, so cute that you are thinking of adopting one or something. It is a game in which we struggle to survive on different tracks. There are colorful and fun tracks in the game. You will lose yourself in these colorful tracks and you will love it! Effects and music are very successful. It’s a game with simple basic controls. You’ll love FALL BOYS! I’m sure of that!

How to Play?

Follow these instructions to play this game. Also, you can find other instructions in-game.
Mouse : Left Click

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Fall Boys : Stupid Fighters : Watch Walkthrough

Is it hard to complete the levels of this game? Let`s watch how to play video.