Grow Castle Defence game background
Grow Castle Defence game background
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Grow Castle Defence

Grow Castle Defence

It’s a completely different castle defense game. Strengthen your soldiers and prepare them for battle. Upgrade your archers for a better defense. Fight different enemies by leveling up. Each level adds to the excitement of the game. Watch as the enemies of the pal world evolve as you face them. Earn coins for each enemy and grow stronger.

How to Play?

Follow these instructions to play this game. Also, you can find other instructions in-game.
Upgrade your swordsmen and archers. Increase the speed of earning money. As you level up, the enemies you face will get stronger. Every 5 levels you will encounter a pal world enemy. Take down the big boss enemies and earn extra money.

Different abilities will be given to you regularly. These abilities are automatically activated and have different effects with your interaction.

You can control it by clicking with the mouse.

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