Impostor Headball
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Impostor Headball

Impostor Headball

Get ready for the most challenging soccer matches with Impostor Headball and Play against Impostor . Impostor Headball Soccer brings for you a chance to play header soccer ball with Impostors in the most fun way possible. you enjoy your time playing soccer. You have to place yourself such that you can hit a header. Be careful though! If you let the ball drop, you are done. Game Over , You can keep changing your place according to the direction of the soccer ball through the three given controls: up, left and right.

How to Play?

Follow these instructions to play this game. Also, you can find other instructions in-game.
Up make impostor jump upwards so you can hit the soccer ball higher left takes you to the left side of the screen and right to the right side of the screen

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Impostor Headball : Watch Walkthrough

Is it hard to complete the levels of this game? Let`s watch how to play video.