super marow adventure
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super marow adventure

super marow adventure

Welcome to the game super marow adventure. You will play the super hero with a classic mission: Rescue the princess Please help marow run through mysterious lands, overcome obstacles and defeat all super monsters in the lands. Let’s play game and overcome ugly monsters to rescue the princess and see what amazing surprise challenges await you in this exciting adventure HOW TO PLAY: + Use buttons to jump, move and shoot. + Jump to smash monsters. + Eat items to become stronger and defeat all monsters. + Watch lots of videos to get coins + Bonus spins to get more coins. + Collect all the coins and bonus items to get more coins to buy items through difficult levels. Let’s have a look at what awaits you in our classic Super marow Game: – 8 Iconic Islands and 145 levels – 7 Fierce Bosses to defeat to move to the next islands – Cool control like in the classic platformer games

How to Play?

Follow these instructions to play this game. Also, you can find other instructions in-game.
To pass such difficult levels you should seek help from 3 types of powerful items hidden in the bricks or using your collected coins to buy – Grow-up drink to get bigger – Fire drink to throw bomb at the monsters – Shield drink that will prot

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super marow adventure : Watch Walkthrough

Is it hard to complete the levels of this game? Let`s watch how to play video.