Mine 2D Survival Herobrine game background
Mine 2D Survival Herobrine game background
Mine 2D Survival Herobrine
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Mine 2D Survival Herobrine

Mine 2D Survival Herobrine

“Mine 2D: Survival Herobrine” – a continuation of adventures, but no longer in prison, but in a world where you will have to survive together with noob!
You have a whole open world in front of you, where you can do anything you want: complete challenging tasks, mine and improve resources, and build grandiose constructions from blocks!
Beware of Monsters: You will have to fight off monsters that want you dead.
Herobrine: A frightening type who will try to scare you in every possible way!

How to Play?

Follow these instructions to play this game. Also, you can find other instructions in-game.
Your mission is to escape from the prison by destroying the walls!

For mobile:
Left Joystick – Move
Right Joystick – Block Destruction
Tap on the screen in an empty place – Install the block

For PC:
WASDArrows – Move
LCM – Destruction of blocks
PCM – Install the block
E – Inventory or store open
ESC – Pause

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